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Bạn yêu cuộc sốngYour most driven students aren’t just leaders in the making: They are already respected role models in their learning community. The National Honor Societies—comprising the National Honor Society for the high school level, the National Junior Honor Society for the middle level, and the National Elementary Honor Society for the elementary level—give these students a place where they can hone their leadership skills and get the recognition they’ve earned.

Bạn yêu cuộc sốngBut membership in the National Honor Societies is so much more than an honor roll. All student members must also reflect each program’s respective pillars to be inducted—ideals such as scholarship, service, leadership, character, and citizenship—and they must continue demonstrating these pillars within their community throughout their membership.

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Between the NHS Scholarship, the College and Career Readiness Webinar Series, and #Futuready modules, the National Honor Society helps prepare them for the next phase of their academic journey while leaving a lasting impact on them as active citizens with long-term aspirations.

This Honor Society for the middle level helps create an enthusiasm for scholarship and service that will last well into their high school years and beyond—plus, membership opens the door to financial awards and recognition opportunities, such as the Outstanding Achievement Award. 

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Bạn yêu cuộc sốngFor young achievers in grades 4–6, the National Elementary Honor Society fosters character development and gives students a springboard to leadership throughout their academic careers. Younger students also look up to budding leaders, motivating the entire student body and uplifting school culture.