Student leaders are among the highest-achieving and most passionate minds in their school communities, and they deserve to be recognized for their hard work. NASSP student leadership programs like the National Honor Society (NHS), the National Junior Honor Society (NJHS), and National Student Council (NatStuCo) offer numerous opportunities for your best and brightest to be celebrated.

Bạn yêu cuộc sốngEach year, NHS awards $2 million to 600 deserving senior members, with the national winner taking home $25,000 to help them achieve their higher education goals.


This award recognizes 500 exceptional NJHS students with $500, to be placed in a college savings account program-managed by Oppenheimer Funds (OFI Private Investments) as part of the New Mexico Education Trust Board’s 529 college savings plan: The Education Plan.

Bạn yêu cuộc sốngThis award recognizes middle level and high school student councils that consistently provide quality leadership activities and service to their schools and communities. They can earn Council of Excellence recognition by meeting the 23 basic indicators at the high school level and 17 indicators at the middle level—or by meeting an additional 26 and 23 indicators, respectively, to earn the Gold Council of Excellence designation.

Bạn yêu cuộc sốngHigh school students who earn the NatStuCo Distinguished Student Leader designation have demonstrated exemplary leadership abilities through a variety of tasks focused on building leadership knowledge and improving skills. They have also shown they’ve met the award criteria by creating a personal leadership portfolio, which serves as a valuable record of their achievements and commitment as a leader.

Bạn yêu cuộc sốngCreated specifically for middle level students, the Emerging Student Leader program identifies outstanding student council leaders who have made significant strides in developing their skills as young leaders. Students who earn this designation have shown strong leadership aptitude and a willingness to continue improving.